Josh Segal

Brand/marketing/communications/creative strategy, copywriter, actual writer, attempted entrepreneur, based in LA, etc.

I was doing storytelling at GOAT Group until recently. Before that I was at Syng where I helped bring Cell Alpha (it’s a speaker) to market. Before that I started an ice cream company. Before that I made zines and stuff as one half of Computer Duo. Before that I was a senior strategist at Imprint Projects (RIP). Before that I organized a music festival called Moogfest. Before that I started a sandwich company called Pinky. Before that I wrote a novella called Stupid Idiot (it was bad). Before that I went to the New School where I studied creative writing. Before that I was just a kid. I have 2,784 followers on Instagram (mostly bots that I bought in 2014, I thought it would be funny) and 63 followers on Twitter (mostly real I think).

Let’s do a project together, it’ll be fun.

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Select projects over the years:

There’s more ......... just ask :)